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Welcome to the official website of Federal Government College Lagos. Take a tour of the various features of the website and have a feel of the citadel’s...

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Visit the School Portal and enjoy various features and benefits ranging from enrolment analysis, tutor management, timetable scheduling to automated...


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2010/2011 Sport Season The College Sport Season for 2010/2011 academic session started with a Marathon race known as "ERA RACE" on Friday...


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Federal Government College, Ijanikin Lagos is a co-educational secondary school established by the Federal Ministry of Education in 1975. This was in...

Milestones & Date to...

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October 1975  FGC Lagos was established at Ojo, its temporary site. October 1975 Commencement of HSC Class.  June...


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The aims and objectives of this institution are the same with those set out in the National Policy of Education as the goals at which Secondary Education...


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Science English Vocational Studies Arts & Social Studies Guidance & Counseling Clinic Computer Science Registrar Unit


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The clinic is one of the facilities provided in the school to take care of the health needs of the students and the school community. The clinic is made...

Vocational Department

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Vocational Department has the following units: Computer Unit The unit teaches computer studies as well as Information and Communication Technology....

Registrar Unit

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The Registrar’s office is “the academic heartbeat’’ of the college. The function of the registrar’s office is comprehensive and guidance oriented. Some of...


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CISCO :- Cisco IT Essential course has been introduced in the computer studies curriculum. Students are taught how to assemble computer systems, install...

Arts & Social Science

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Arts & Social Science Arts and Social Science Department has the following units: Christian Religious Knowledge Unit The unit specializes in...


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Science Department Physics Unit Physics is a branch of science that deals with the behaviour of matter in relation to energy.Some of its branches...


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Counsellors are “behaviour modifiers’’.They are professionally trained to provide the three main aspects of counseling services more effectively,...


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The English Unit is responsibile for the teaching of English Language and Literature in English. In addition, the unit manages the college publications –...


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Admissions Admission into the college is in Junior Secondary School One (JSS1) and Senior Secondary School One (SSS1). With the restoration of the...

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Federal Government CollegeIjanikin, Lagos. info@fgclagos.org.ng   

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Federal Government CollegeIjanikin, Lagos. info@fgclagos.org.ng